Friday, December 29, 2006

Random tee and Christmas wrap up.

So I was walking through my local Kmart searching for plastic storage tubs to organise my life's worth of crap and I stumbled across this completely random shirt in the bargin bin. I had to buy it on the "random factor" alone.

Ten points to the first person who can translate the Khmer text! Is it just gibberish or does it actually say something? Mark is placing bets on "please get me out of this sweat shop".

In other news... My Christmas was was really lovely. I spent 3 days with Mark's family on the Gold Coast. Despite the cold weather and rain - in December??? - we had a very relaxing few days. Christmas Day we were up at 5am and Mark and I opened one present each before heading to the beach for an early morning swim. Christmas morning was the ONLY clear morning so we were glad we made the most of it. Then it was home, getting brunch ready to go before we headed to church. Church was fun - lots of singing and stuff for the kids. Once we got home the eating commenced and did not cease for about 3 days. Needless to say I have been trying hard to get to the gym every day since then!

I am in the process of putting up some of my favourite pics of the festive season on flickr, but we have used up our cable limit and the speed is now cut back to snails pace.

Tonight we are off to the park to see the movie ET. I have never seen it - which some consider a little strange - so it should be fun.

Happy New Year to all.
Love me.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Its a most wonderful time of the year...

I wrote a Christmas wish list a month or so ago and it was made up of everything from boks, CDs, clothes - normal bunch of random things I really don't need.

Then right at the bottom I put a request that I have wished for for many years... A raised - no dig - vegetable garden. I put it on there almost as a joke as I never expected - in my wildest dreams - that I would get one. But what do you know?

Last night I came home from work and Santa had delivered not only a load of timber sleepers, but fertilizer and instructions on constructing a raised vegetable garden. His elf helper - in the form of Mark - was already busy in the pre-construction preparation phase!

I haven't stopped smiling since. Come 3 months time I will be hopefully harvesting my first selection of fresh produce!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Khmer cooking 101

So today at work we are having an international lunch. On my floor we have people who have immigrated from over 15 different countries - each of us were asked to bring along a dish of our home country. Now I knew deep in my heart that a meat pie would not stack up against a home made Indian curry or a Spanish paella.

So I went with my adopted country of Cambodia to add to the variety.

With the help of Elephant Walk's amazing cookbook and My Linh's great cooking website last night I cooked some desserts for the first time without the supervision of Khmer women. I think I did okay! The truth will be in the tasting at lunch time.

I went with 2 dishes:
Bai Ta Nop Sway (Sticky Rice with Mango) - which, while quite good I must admit, was not a patch on Amok or Khmer Kitchen's.
Borbo Skar Chia Mui Poat (Corn Pudding) - I'm not sure if this is the correct name as the recipe I used substituted the rice with tapioca.

The number one lesson I learnt cooking these yummy, yummy bong-eims??? If it doesn't taste right keep adding the sugar. My teeth already hurt...

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Welcome home Andrew!

Welcome back to the land of Oz, Mr Benoy - even if it is only for a short while.

Call me!

PS: New pics in my Flickr account of my trip to the beach last weekend. :o)

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cable internet is the BOMB I tell you!

Praise be to having cable internet at home. Why did I fight it? Well... the cost for a start! But now we have CHEAP cable internet! Gold I tell you... Pure gold...

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Entry 7 – Listen to your heart

1. How does your intuition speak to you? List some hunches you've followed. What happened?

I get gut feelings. Sometimes I follow them, sometimes I don’t. In the past few years I have followed them and it has been for the best in most of the cases. Overall my gut is pretty on the mark. Most of my hunches are related to people's true personalities and people's true characters. I get gut feelings about people - occasionally they are wrong but most of the time I see people for who they really are regardless.

2. List the times you chose not to trust your instincts. Why didn't you? What happened?

I have made numerous decisions in my life that - given hindsight - I really should have done a lot differently. I didn't follow my instincts in these cases because I didn't have any faith in my decisions, my esteem was pretty low and my confidence to trust myself was pretty crap. I have always been a pretty confident person, but there is a big difference in being confident and having confidence in yourself. Its amazing who you can fool into thinking that you are an overly confident person when inside you don't have a drop of faith in yourself.

What happended? Life continued on, life passed me by, opportunities were missed and I got to the point I am today. Everything happens for a reason, to take you onto a new path and to show you new opportunities. Just because you missed one opportunity doe snot mean another isn't inside the next room.

3. Today I…

Since it is still bright and early I haven't done too much. I jumped out of bed at 5:45am, did a load of washing, had breakfast, watched some morning news on the TV, got the train to the city, did a weights class at the gym, did half a boxing class at the gym and then made my way to work for 8:45am. The day is laid out in front of me with only a massage at lunch time booked in.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Expat pay absorbs aid to Cambodia

Expat pay absorbs aid to Cambodia
Mark Dodd - 27 Nov 06
The Australian

HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars of Australian aid is wasted on expatriate salaries and the running costs of big Cambodian-based international aid groups, hindering assistance to 40,000 landmine victims in the war-battered country.A country director for a prominent international charity typically receives a $250,000 package that includes a spacious villa, four-wheel-drive and schooling perks.

As much as 80 per cent of aid paid to international aid organisations based in Cambodia goes straight out again in the form of high expatriate salary packages and running costs, said Chris Minko, head of the Cambodian National Volleyball League for the Disabled.

He said AusAID's reluctance to directly fund non-Australian aid organisations in Cambodia had created major inefficiencies in the disbursement of funds.

The CNVLD is a well-respected Cambodian aid organisation audited annually by KPMG and recently given a UN best practice award.

In contrast to many of the big aid groups in Phnom Penh, the CNVLD relies on volunteers, has neither a flashy office nor even a four-wheel-drive and pays modest salaries to its staff, most of whom are Cambodians. Yet it has so far been unable to receive core funding from AusAID despite its highly commended programs for landmine victims.

An AusAID spokeswoman denied the wastage claims, but confirmed 12.5 per cent of total funding for landmine victim assistance was paid to the Australian Red Cross to cover disbursement costs, leaving 87.5 per cent for "a variety of NGOs that work directly with victims".

The Howard Government is providing about $8million to help Cambodian landmine victims over the next two years.

Mr Minko called for an audit of the agencies to track the distribution of aid funding. "About 80 per cent of aid money coming into Cambodia goes straight out again as it covers expatriate and adviser costs and that has been going on for a long time," he said.

His claims are backed by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has questioned the value of large expatriate-run aid agencies based in Cambodia.

While acknowledging the key role of aid groups in helping the war-battered country out of its economic morass in the early 1990s, the International Monetary Fund is also questioning the value of foreign aid in Cambodia.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day

To all my northern hemisphere friends - happy turkey day to you and your family. Everyone I know has an awful lot ot be thankful for so I hope your day is very special.

On the other hand... I will be spending my Thanksgiving night flat on my back as result of being too ambitious at the gym yesterday. I have damaged my muscles in my hip and cannot bend without pretty bad pain. I got a massage to help heal, however I now have pain from the deep tissue massage as well as the hip... Crap! But it appears to be on the mend - either that or the drugs have finally kicked in.

I really have to get back into my blog again. I have officially finished my work travel for the year and I am looking forward to some serious down time come Christmas. Only one month to go!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

A funny pic of Mark's new facial fuzz.

Funniest photo of Mark ever! This is what happens when someone has way to much exam stress combined with severe procrastination. The beard was a little too much. The mou was formed earlier this week from the beard. I love it and I am encouraging it to stay for a little while longer. I like having a 1970's porn star for a boyfriend. So funny. We need porn star names for him now!

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cambodia votes for conscription

How, in a country where military employees in the regional areas are lucky to be paid $40 per month for their service, can they possible afford this? Sheesh...

From BBC...

Cambodia votes for conscription

Cambodia votes for conscription Cambodia's national assembly has voted to introduce conscription so young men aged between 18 and 30 will be liable to serve 18 months in the military.

The move comes despite years of international efforts to reduce the military's excessive size. A government spokesman said conscription was an important way of reinforcing the army. But it may be a crude attempt to head off a looming unemployment crisis, a BBC correspondent says.

Worsening job situation

Defence Minister Tea Banh told reporters that while Cambodia's army was numerically strong, many of its soldiers were not fit to serve.

"Many of the military personnel are old and physically fragile," he explained. "We have to train our young people in the arts of the military. We need our sons to serve our country in case a bad situation comes along."

However, opposition leader Sam Rainsy warned that the new law would help the government hide one of its major failures - unemployment.

"Every year, around 300,000 young people reach the age of 18 and cannot find jobs," he said. "In order to control these young jobless people, they are forcing them to enrol in the army."

A government spokesman said that a strong military force was necessary so that neighbouring countries would not look down on Cambodia and conscription was an important method of reinforcement.

The job situation is likely to worsen in the near future as around half the population is currently under 18.

International donors

Decades of conflict left Cambodia with an excessive number of troops for such a small country, and demobilisation efforts have been under way for more than a decade.
International donors have pumped millions of dollars into projects to reduce the number of people on the armed forces payroll. Earlier this month it looked like those efforts might finally produce a significant result, says the BBC's Guy Delauney in Phnom Penh.

A visiting Chinese military official told the media that Cambodia had plans to cut more than a third of its troops. But his Cambodian counterpart downplayed the comments.

Now the national assembly has passed a bill which could increase troop numbers massively for years to come, our correspondent says

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh Angelina...

How much do I wish this was available when I was applying for an AYA position...

Living and working in Samlot - one of the most beautiful parts of Cambodia, with the most picturesque waterfalls at your doorstep... The grounds and surrounds of the Maddox Jolie project are awesome.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Maybe my future will look like this...

I have had quite a few things popping into my head over the past few days. Thinking about the future and where I want to be. Thinking about what I want it to look like. Thinking about the people who will be around me.

One thing that came up is that I was offered an opportunity to undertake training to become a NIA instructor by undertaking White Belt training in April next year. I am seriously considering it.

Can you think of a bigger career change that ME becoming a dance instructor??? Weird and so completely exciting. I can see this fitting perfectly into my future as I pictured it over the weekend.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Entry 6 – Count down

Date: 6 September 2006.

1. Who and what do you love? Include everything from people and place to objects, songs, and movies.

The people who I love know how I feel about them. To list each and every one of you would take too long and you know who you are. As far as items and "things" I love…

- Clean sheets and a freshly made bed.
- That 5 mins “snuggle time” before I get out of bed each morning.
- Watching all the children in my life – all the nieces, nephews and friends - growing up into little people.
- Cooking favourite dishes for people I love.
- I’ve recently re-discovered a love for reading.
- Walking or sitting on a beach in winter and watching the waves on a deserted beach.

2. What does heaven look like? What happens after you die? Paint a word picture of what you truly believe.

I’m not too sure I believe in heaven. I would honestly love to think that it is a place that is peaceful and dream like. A place where you can eat what you want and the people you love are there. But in all truthfulness I think that death is like going to sleep, everything goes black and it’s all over folks – you have no real concept of dying, just drifting into darkness.

3. Today I…

- Got up early and went for a run/walk around Bundberg – I got lost coming home… No real surprise there – I have no sense of direction whatsoever! A dog came running out of a yard and started nipping my heels. And you wonder why I am scared of dogs???
- Tried to find the gravestone of an old friend in the Bundaberg cemetery. I tried to remember the location of her grave from the funeral 10 years ago. I wasn’t successful. I did however find the baby section of the cemetery made up of all the babies who died within a year of their birth. It was probably the most gut wrenching thing I have ever seen.
- Did an awesome presentation 4 hour presentation to 20 people – my highest attendance to date at one of my training needs forums. Very happy indeed!
- Travelled from Bundaberg to Rockhampton (3.5 hour trip). During this trip I found out that one of my co-workers is completely homophobic and berated me for a while about her beliefs around sexuality – I got very, very angry at her narrow mindedness but bit my tongue.
- Ate dinner with a different co-worker (also in the car this afternoon) who informed me her daughter is a lesbian who she is very proud of in every way possible…

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey - Steve is dead...

Steve Irwin was killed this morning in a freak accident in Cairns. He was killed by a sting-ray barb that went through his chest. He was swimming off the Low Isles at Port Douglas filming an underwater documentary when it occured.

Full Article

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Happy Pizza

An extract from an article on a guy called Christopher A. Debiec who was Production Supervisor on everyone's favourtie film about Cambodia "City of Ghosts" - this comment is dripping in sacrasm if you hadn't noticed... What is with the idea of Disney doing a picture called "Happy Pizza"??? Do they think it is a guy dresses up as a pizza with a big smile on it? Hang on... I think I have actually seen that pizza a few times after visiting Happy Pizza.

“Then I got an amazing opportunity to work with Matt Dillon on ‘City of Ghosts.' We shot four months in Cambodia. That was the most challenging job I've ever had in my life. I saw things in Cambodia I had never seen before. It was the most beautiful and poorest country.

“Cambodia changed me. It made me respect humanity, made me realize we're not alone, that there are a lot of less-fortunate people in the world. A lot of people have said I should write a book about that. I did write a weekly e-mail journal to friends when I was there, and Disney approached me about putting together a screenplay. We're still working on that. The script is called ‘Happy Pizza.' ”

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Movies I want to see at the moment...

Why is it that there are periods when you have plenty of time to go to the movies, but there is abolutely NOTHING on. Then, when you are stoopid busy, all the great movies come out...

At the moment I want to see these, but I think I am going to have to wait until they come out on DVD as I don't have the time. :o(

Little Miss Sunshine
Clerks 2
Friends with Money
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
48 Shades
Thank you for Smoking

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Entry 5 – Soft Belly

1. List what you are postponing because it is too scary, too difficult, or too painful...

I haven’t really been postponing anything lately. I have been pretty good at doing what I need to get done by the date it is due. As far as painful or difficult there isn’t really all that much. Maybe going to the dentist – I hate it. Maybe cleaning the house – I hate it.

2. List your regrets, disappointments, your most profound "If onlys..." and "I should haves."

I always promised myself that I would never have any regrets in my life. I always stood by the fact that the any decisions you make at a given point in your life is the best for you at that point – so why look back with regrets? But I have learnt a lot about myself over the past few years and I now have a healthy list of regrets.

· Not following my heart when I was 17.
· Not following my dreams when I was in my early 20’s.
· Didn’t listen to my heart in my mid 20’s.

If onlys… Well if you start talking about “if onlys” we could be here for days… I guess the big ones would be:

· If only I could lose some weight – it’s always “another 5kgs and I’ll be perfect”.
· If only I wasn’t so obsessed with my weight.
· If only I didn’t binge eat.
· If only I had more will power.
· If only I completed my Masters.

3. Choose one and pretend you have the power to change the past. How would your life be different right now?

I think you really do have to accept you past and not look back too much. I really do try to live my life with few regrets or disappointments. If I had followed my heart when I was 17 instead of thinking “there is no way he would be interested in me… he is so far out of my league” I definitely would have had a completely different life, but really… my life is pretty great and I have done some pretty interesting things, so why would I want to change it. Life takes you down many a strange path at times - go with it and it forms who you become as a person.

4. Today I…

Woke up in a really great mood. Got dressed for work, walked to the train station and realised I had left my wallet at home. While I was freaking out and basically turning my bag upside down my train arrived. I could get on the train without my wallet because I didn’t have a ticket. But just as the train driver blew his whistle that the train was leaving I found my wallet at the bottom of my bag, I jumped on the train and found a vacant seat next to a girl I work with. Got off the train, bought a banana and cinnamon smoothie for breakfast and wandered to work… I then commenced writing the content for a website for the past 4 hours.

Tonight I have Mark and my 1st year anniversary dinner at Watt restaurant – a really nice restaurant in New Farm. Tomorrow I have Casey’s 8th birthday slumber party. Sunday is Father’s Day so it is off down to the Gold Coast to spend time with Mark’s family.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Entry 4 – Eavesdrop

1. Dip into your memory bank and write about the sounds of familiar voices. What words were spoken at your front door or in the bedroom? Arguments or tears? Be as specific as possible.

  • Grandma Gash – “chip butty” or “bacon butty” or “jam butty” anyone? I remember her ever so slight Yorkshire accent that had faded over the years. Grandma lived with us from as early as I remember until we moved to Melbourne when I was 12. She died when I was 20. It was almost always a kind ear and a hug when you wanted one.
  • My sister Col. We shared a room when we were kids. I remember talking in the dark about all different things. Always comforting when I am feeling like crap. Calming when I am feeling angry. Familiar when I need to hear from someone I love. I know this sounds really weird - and not strictly voice related - but my sister Col has a specific “smell” about her – it is her smell. Know how people all have their own “smell” about them? Not in a flatulent or gross way, but in a way that reminds you of them. I remember times when I was really little – about 7 or 8 - and Col was sleeping over at a friend’s house or away at something I would grab her pillow and sleep with it because it had her smell on it – it was comforting.
  • There was a period in my life (when I was about 7-10 years old) that was fairly volatile in a lot of ways. I now hate any raised voices (directed at me or not), yelling or explosive anger. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable and makes me want to hide…

2. Think about the times you were truly heard. Who truly listened? How did it feel?

It is difficult to pick one specific thing really. The times I am thinking about were when I was 16 I undertook a program called “Insight”. During this week long program I honestly felt, for the first time, what it was like to have an unbiased ear. Throughout my university life I had two people who acted as a mentor for me. Alison and Helen both listened to where I wanted to go in life and provided an endless stream of advice along the way. They helped shape who I am now.

When I was 27 I paid someone to listen to me and work with me in the form of my life coach - Ruth. It is a strange process to go through, but for me personally it was a turning point. Someone who, for a couple of hours each week, listened to me and worked with me to fulfil a series of goals. How did it feel? Well it completely changed my life in every single way possible. I started to get my life on track, found a new pocket of enthusiasm for life and did things I would not have thought possible. It was truly an amazing experience and worth every single penny I spent.

3. Today I…

Worked, worked and worked some more. Heading to the gym after work for a trampoline class. I’ve put on a bit of weight over the past 3 weeks due to illness and general inactivity – got to get on top of it again… Feeling bloated, blaahhh and need to shake my booty a bit.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Entry 3 – Soft Eyes

Date: 27 August 2006

1. What would you do if you had more free time?

I would probably read more and cook more. I love baking so I would cook up a cookie and muffin storm. I would also love to get my white belt in NIA so that would be cool to do if I had more spare time. If I had spare time I would also love to so some post graduate study in adult education or project management. Spending time just walking with my camera capturing life’s comings and goings would be great as well.

2. What important activities, chores, trips, or creations have you been putting on hold? Do you think you'll ever get around to doing these things? Score 1 (not likely to happen) to 10 (likely to happen)

· Getting a vegetable patch started (7).
· Painting the interior doors of my house (10 – but when I have no idea!).
· Establishing a photo wall in our living room (5).
· Getting my shite organised and moved out of storage (3 – no time soon at least!).

3. List the wild or forbidden activities that call to you - from swimming naked to jumping out of airplanes, to eating all the chocolate you crave...

I am a total scaredy cat when it comes to “adventure” – most things like caving or scuba diving make me want to vomit. The things that rate on my “want to do list” are:
· Travel to Tibet and Southern China.
· Having a child.
· Sea kayaking.
· Sailing – if only I didn’t get sea sick!
· Making myself sick on good Khmer desserts.

4. Today I…

· Slept in late,
· Baked an apple tea cake using my Dad’s recipe
· Read a pile of back issues of Believer magazine
· Read my cook books from cover to cover to be inspired to cook something awesome for dinner but ended up with boring old roast chicken and vegetables
· Had a long afternoon nap on the couch

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mark's 30th birthday party photos.

I've just added a few new pictures to my Flickr account from Mark's birthday party last month. The pictures do not even hint at the hell that followed in the form of a VERY messy hangover for us both... Enjoy...

Flickr account

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Entry 2 – Shadow Play

1. List the big and small surprises that have happened to you. Were any life changing?

Can’t really think of anything that classifies as a surprise really. Getting into a rather elite school on a scholarship type arrangement when I was 14 was pretty surprising – didn’t think I would be anywhere near smart enough to get in. Did it change my life? It taught me to shoplift, taught me about drugs, taught me that 14 year old girls really are the most awful people on the planet and my school results when I left said school were the lowest at any point in my education.

Getting accepted to the AYAD program and moving overseas was more of a shock to the system rather than a surprise. Was it life changing? Yes indeed it was - in every way, shape and form.

There was a couple of month period in my life a couple of years ago where I seemed to be giving all of my closest friends the advice of: “Go on… tell her you like her! What is the worst she can say? Thanks but no? No girl who really understands you will hold it against you – even if they don’t feel the same…” Then I came to a point when I had to follow my own advice and I actually did it as well. Was it life changing? Well… He didn’t respond positively instantly and I thought… oh crap… now you’ve done it Kratzy... you’ve destroyed one of your closest relationships. It was really scary, pretty bloody complicated, really hard to work out, but over time we succeeded to find a way to make it work... So if you ever find yourself in a situation of liking someone as “more than a friend” go out on a limb… Who knows where it will end up?

2. What do you like to do when you are alone? Does being alone make you feel like something is right or wrong? Why?

- Doing random household tasks nek-id.
- Listening to my favourite music.
- Writing.

I was always – growing up – terrified about being alone. This continued right up to my late 20’s. I had never been truly alone. I came from a large family where someone was always around. I have always had ample friends around me. Being alone honestly scared me. But not just being alone in the physical sense. I couldn’t bear the thought of being alone emotionally – to the point where I stayed in a toxic relationship for about 5 years too long just because I was scared of the thought of being single.

Now, after experiencing a period of my life where I was alone in every sense of the word, I embrace the time I spend on my own. I love having time to myself to think, to breathe and to explore the different aspects of my personality, my wants, my desires. It helps me understand what I really want and make sense of everything that is going on around me.

Never again will I allow myself to stagnate just because I’m afraid of the “what if”. There is too much out there to experience to let something like that hold you back.

3. Today I...

Went bridal dress shopping with Jos. It is amazing how much money is spent on wedding dresses – it is something that I cannot get my head around. In every shop women were there in big numbers, each spending in the vicinity of $1000-2000 each on one dress. But we found some great dresses for not too much over Jos’ budget. There were a couple of really cute cocktail dresses that we could use as a bridesmaid dress for me – again… so expensive for what they are. I can’t wait for the wedding.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

And so the journal challenge begins...

So someone I know is doing this exercise where over 40 journal entries you have to address a different aspect of your life. Each day is given a title allocated by the challenge guidelines... Today is the "starting point".

Starting point
Date: 25 August 2006

1. Set a goal. Decide what you would like to see change or improve in your life in the next 40 days. Write it down and then let it go.

I want to start a vegetable patch. No opportune timing given the incredibly severe drought we are currently experiencing, but I will start small and see where it takes me. I want to have a patch of dirt or a space I can get out into now the sun is shining and the days are warm. The first day of spring is only 5 days away so I feel it is a perfect time to put down some roots so to speak.

2. Write a list of your fears and anxieties (worst case scenarios) that might come up over the next 40 days. Include all obstacles you anticipate that might bring you down or stand in your way.

Over the next 40 days my current position is being reviewed and I have a feeling they (the powers that rule my working life – my horrible board members!) are going to change the focus of my job. I have a new co-worker starting next week, a week long trip to central Queensland and a trip to western Queensland to plan. So much going on and the last thing I need is a board member changing my path or hindering the ground work I have spent so much time putting in place over the past 12 months.

3. List positive inklings (good feelings) you have about what you are doing.

I love working with rural industries and I love travelling all over the state. My job is my dream job – I love it about 80% of the time and like it about 15% of the time and wish I was somewhere else entirely about 5% of the time. I think I am happy with those stats!

Over the next 40 days I also have to look forward to - my one year anniversary with Mark, the return of one of Mark’s best friends to Brisbane after many years living overseas and I have a very special little girl's 8th birthday party sleep over to attend.

4. Today I ...

Travelled from Stanthorpe (about 300km south west of Brisbane) to Brisbane after 2 days industry consultation. Dianne and I had loooonnng girlie chats the entire way about careers, family and finding a balance. It was awesome. She made me inspired to get into my vegetable patch that I have been planning for ages. We also had a long discussion about friendships – those that are fleeting and those that endure through the years.

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Sleep... The girl needs sleep...

So here I sit after a trip to Stanthorpe in southern Queensland for work nursing the killer of all illness collections. To date - over the past month - I have accumulated:

1. A tummy problem that is a hangover from living in Cambodia.
2. A throat infection
3. Which led to bronchitis
4. Which led to an ear infection
5. Today the hay fever started along with north west winds...

Now come on... God can you see it in your heart of hearts to at least let me get over an illness before blessing me with another? Oh... and one night where I don't wake up drowning in my own mucus would be oh so sweet of you as well. I am sure Mark would appreciate a whole night where his girlfriend isn't snoring, grunting or making other wonderful mucus inspired sounds in her sleep.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A new blog... A new chapter...

I've decided that since I have been back home for a year I need to start a new chapter. This is going to be it.

Who knows what will come from this or what somewhat mundane events will be discussed... but come with me on my little journey...

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