Friday, August 25, 2006

Sleep... The girl needs sleep...

So here I sit after a trip to Stanthorpe in southern Queensland for work nursing the killer of all illness collections. To date - over the past month - I have accumulated:

1. A tummy problem that is a hangover from living in Cambodia.
2. A throat infection
3. Which led to bronchitis
4. Which led to an ear infection
5. Today the hay fever started along with north west winds...

Now come on... God can you see it in your heart of hearts to at least let me get over an illness before blessing me with another? Oh... and one night where I don't wake up drowning in my own mucus would be oh so sweet of you as well. I am sure Mark would appreciate a whole night where his girlfriend isn't snoring, grunting or making other wonderful mucus inspired sounds in her sleep.

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