Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh Angelina...

How much do I wish this was available when I was applying for an AYA position...

Living and working in Samlot - one of the most beautiful parts of Cambodia, with the most picturesque waterfalls at your doorstep... The grounds and surrounds of the Maddox Jolie project are awesome.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Maybe my future will look like this...

I have had quite a few things popping into my head over the past few days. Thinking about the future and where I want to be. Thinking about what I want it to look like. Thinking about the people who will be around me.

One thing that came up is that I was offered an opportunity to undertake training to become a NIA instructor by undertaking White Belt training in April next year. I am seriously considering it.

Can you think of a bigger career change that ME becoming a dance instructor??? Weird and so completely exciting. I can see this fitting perfectly into my future as I pictured it over the weekend.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Entry 6 – Count down

Date: 6 September 2006.

1. Who and what do you love? Include everything from people and place to objects, songs, and movies.

The people who I love know how I feel about them. To list each and every one of you would take too long and you know who you are. As far as items and "things" I love…

- Clean sheets and a freshly made bed.
- That 5 mins “snuggle time” before I get out of bed each morning.
- Watching all the children in my life – all the nieces, nephews and friends - growing up into little people.
- Cooking favourite dishes for people I love.
- I’ve recently re-discovered a love for reading.
- Walking or sitting on a beach in winter and watching the waves on a deserted beach.

2. What does heaven look like? What happens after you die? Paint a word picture of what you truly believe.

I’m not too sure I believe in heaven. I would honestly love to think that it is a place that is peaceful and dream like. A place where you can eat what you want and the people you love are there. But in all truthfulness I think that death is like going to sleep, everything goes black and it’s all over folks – you have no real concept of dying, just drifting into darkness.

3. Today I…

- Got up early and went for a run/walk around Bundberg – I got lost coming home… No real surprise there – I have no sense of direction whatsoever! A dog came running out of a yard and started nipping my heels. And you wonder why I am scared of dogs???
- Tried to find the gravestone of an old friend in the Bundaberg cemetery. I tried to remember the location of her grave from the funeral 10 years ago. I wasn’t successful. I did however find the baby section of the cemetery made up of all the babies who died within a year of their birth. It was probably the most gut wrenching thing I have ever seen.
- Did an awesome presentation 4 hour presentation to 20 people – my highest attendance to date at one of my training needs forums. Very happy indeed!
- Travelled from Bundaberg to Rockhampton (3.5 hour trip). During this trip I found out that one of my co-workers is completely homophobic and berated me for a while about her beliefs around sexuality – I got very, very angry at her narrow mindedness but bit my tongue.
- Ate dinner with a different co-worker (also in the car this afternoon) who informed me her daughter is a lesbian who she is very proud of in every way possible…

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey - Steve is dead...

Steve Irwin was killed this morning in a freak accident in Cairns. He was killed by a sting-ray barb that went through his chest. He was swimming off the Low Isles at Port Douglas filming an underwater documentary when it occured.

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Happy Pizza

An extract from an article on a guy called Christopher A. Debiec who was Production Supervisor on everyone's favourtie film about Cambodia "City of Ghosts" - this comment is dripping in sacrasm if you hadn't noticed... What is with the idea of Disney doing a picture called "Happy Pizza"??? Do they think it is a guy dresses up as a pizza with a big smile on it? Hang on... I think I have actually seen that pizza a few times after visiting Happy Pizza.

“Then I got an amazing opportunity to work with Matt Dillon on ‘City of Ghosts.' We shot four months in Cambodia. That was the most challenging job I've ever had in my life. I saw things in Cambodia I had never seen before. It was the most beautiful and poorest country.

“Cambodia changed me. It made me respect humanity, made me realize we're not alone, that there are a lot of less-fortunate people in the world. A lot of people have said I should write a book about that. I did write a weekly e-mail journal to friends when I was there, and Disney approached me about putting together a screenplay. We're still working on that. The script is called ‘Happy Pizza.' ”

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Movies I want to see at the moment...

Why is it that there are periods when you have plenty of time to go to the movies, but there is abolutely NOTHING on. Then, when you are stoopid busy, all the great movies come out...

At the moment I want to see these, but I think I am going to have to wait until they come out on DVD as I don't have the time. :o(

Little Miss Sunshine
Clerks 2
Friends with Money
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
48 Shades
Thank you for Smoking

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Entry 5 – Soft Belly

1. List what you are postponing because it is too scary, too difficult, or too painful...

I haven’t really been postponing anything lately. I have been pretty good at doing what I need to get done by the date it is due. As far as painful or difficult there isn’t really all that much. Maybe going to the dentist – I hate it. Maybe cleaning the house – I hate it.

2. List your regrets, disappointments, your most profound "If onlys..." and "I should haves."

I always promised myself that I would never have any regrets in my life. I always stood by the fact that the any decisions you make at a given point in your life is the best for you at that point – so why look back with regrets? But I have learnt a lot about myself over the past few years and I now have a healthy list of regrets.

· Not following my heart when I was 17.
· Not following my dreams when I was in my early 20’s.
· Didn’t listen to my heart in my mid 20’s.

If onlys… Well if you start talking about “if onlys” we could be here for days… I guess the big ones would be:

· If only I could lose some weight – it’s always “another 5kgs and I’ll be perfect”.
· If only I wasn’t so obsessed with my weight.
· If only I didn’t binge eat.
· If only I had more will power.
· If only I completed my Masters.

3. Choose one and pretend you have the power to change the past. How would your life be different right now?

I think you really do have to accept you past and not look back too much. I really do try to live my life with few regrets or disappointments. If I had followed my heart when I was 17 instead of thinking “there is no way he would be interested in me… he is so far out of my league” I definitely would have had a completely different life, but really… my life is pretty great and I have done some pretty interesting things, so why would I want to change it. Life takes you down many a strange path at times - go with it and it forms who you become as a person.

4. Today I…

Woke up in a really great mood. Got dressed for work, walked to the train station and realised I had left my wallet at home. While I was freaking out and basically turning my bag upside down my train arrived. I could get on the train without my wallet because I didn’t have a ticket. But just as the train driver blew his whistle that the train was leaving I found my wallet at the bottom of my bag, I jumped on the train and found a vacant seat next to a girl I work with. Got off the train, bought a banana and cinnamon smoothie for breakfast and wandered to work… I then commenced writing the content for a website for the past 4 hours.

Tonight I have Mark and my 1st year anniversary dinner at Watt restaurant – a really nice restaurant in New Farm. Tomorrow I have Casey’s 8th birthday slumber party. Sunday is Father’s Day so it is off down to the Gold Coast to spend time with Mark’s family.

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