Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nia journeys.

So... I'm working on the Nia routine Sanjana at the moment and I am really enjoying it. Its funny but every time I learn a new routine I tell my students "this is my FAVOURITE one yet!" I didn't realise this until one of my students said "but you said that about AO as well last month!" Let's just say that every new journey uncovers a new aspect of Nia and my body's way.

I found that Sanjana was "in my body" within the first two or three times I danced it through. I have base move sheets which I do up to learn from and I haven't really used them much this time at all. I know a large part of that is due to that fact that I have danced this routine with other teachers more than a few times in the past but it is a great sensation to learn a routine and have it "in my body" so soon. Muscle memory is a great thing.

Can't decide which song is my new favourite but I am loving "Sol Tapado" by Theivery Corp and "I'm in Heaven" by Universal Funk most at the moment. The groove, the elbows, the jumps - everything just resonates through the body in a warm and welcoming way - feels like home. Loving it!

Sanjana has been my first Debbie routine as well which has been a cool learning process - having learnt all Carlos routines in the past. I have favoured Carlos routines in the past but have made a committment to myself to setp outside the comfortable and learn Debbie routines for the next little while. I may make an acception with Passion however... I have danced that once or twice and I really enjoy it. May have to make a special order of that one soon.

And I really want to learn Earthsong as well which I am dancing with the ever lovely Tracey as she starts out on her Nia teaching journey. Joining her 6am classes is AWESOME! I am loving starting the day with Nia. If only the Friday morning classes were 10 minutes closer to allow me to attend them as well... maybe if I started work later on a Friday morning... Hmmmm...

I'm going to be teaching morning wake up classes at a women's conference in September and it will be wonderful to dance Sanjana with them. The Queensland Rural Women's Network will be embracing the joy of movement by the end of their weekend! The conference theme is "Reigniting the Passion - Passing the Torch of Creative Energy" and I can't wait to share Nia with these women. the classes will be outdoors so there will be a wonderful Spring energy to the classes as well. So exciting!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

End of a sad and generally crappy week.

A work friend died from a heart attack - the least likely person to ever expect as a heart attack candidate. Younger than my parents, fit and active. Certainly makes you more aware of mortality and that it can honestly happen to anyone.

Here at work it was quite emotional - a number of people having worked with him for over 30 years. I have shared a desk space with him for the past 18 months.

Then on Thursday... Another workmate was rushed into hospital for surgery on his leg. Which ended up being worse than first suspected - he will be in hospital for at least another 4 days or so to fight off infection.

It's been a crazy, sad and eventful week so I am looking forward to a weekend that is quiet...

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