Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vege patch.

It is starting to look good! I am so happy I got it "possum proofed" before spring comes. Should be a bumper harvest this year! I am going to plant out a few seedling trays with seeds this weekend and see what sprouts!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Funny videos from You Tube.

American band on CTN

Khmer boy putting on an Aussie accent - a little scared about the "dingo stole my baby" part...

Australian girl Rebecca Nhep on CTN. Apparently Rebecca is (1) married to a Khmer boy, (2) invovled with GenX media, (3) is quite the star on Srok Khmer and (4) GenX media is all christian ministry program promoting values through popular music.

sit back and enjoy the evolution of Miss Rebecca Nhep...

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Honeymoon ahoy!

Woo hoo! Just booked our flights for the honeymoon! Northern Borneo here we come!

Got an absolute bargin on Air Asia - both of us return for $1300.

How soon will 7 Feb 2009 come around?

We are going on an Intrepid journey to save on time and organisation. It includes a jungle overnight stay with a local village so hopefully we will get to see orangutans, probiscus monkeys, a tarsier or two, maybe a python and if we are incredibly lucky a clouded leopard or bay cat.

Oh my goodness if tarsiers aren't the cutest animal on the planet I don't know what is!

Even more exciting we are going to climb Mt Kinabalu.

Only 175 more days to go 'til the big day...

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