Friday, August 15, 2008

Honeymoon ahoy!

Woo hoo! Just booked our flights for the honeymoon! Northern Borneo here we come!

Got an absolute bargin on Air Asia - both of us return for $1300.

How soon will 7 Feb 2009 come around?

We are going on an Intrepid journey to save on time and organisation. It includes a jungle overnight stay with a local village so hopefully we will get to see orangutans, probiscus monkeys, a tarsier or two, maybe a python and if we are incredibly lucky a clouded leopard or bay cat.

Oh my goodness if tarsiers aren't the cutest animal on the planet I don't know what is!

Even more exciting we are going to climb Mt Kinabalu.

Only 175 more days to go 'til the big day...


Erik Davis said...

congratulations! But, after many days of trying, I'm still confused as to which of the above photos is you, and which one Mark!

Kratzy said...

Given that Mark is over 6ft tall I would be the little one of course!