Friday, March 28, 2008

Earth Hour.

Do your little bit...

Originating in Sydney in 2007, the Earth Hour campaign has now gained global attention. As a result, on 8pm March 29, 2008 millions of people in some of the world’s major capital cities will unite and switch off for Earth Hour. See what is happening in your city and how you can get involved.

Partner cities for this year's Earth Hour are: » Aalborg » Aarhus » Adelaide » Atlanta » Bangkok » Brisbane » Canberra » Chicago » Christchurch » Copenhagen » Darwin » Dublin » Hobart » Manila » Melbourne » Montreal » Odense » Ottawa » Perth » Phoenix » San Francisco » Santa Cruz » Suva and Lautoka » Sydney » Tel Aviv » Toronto » Vancouver » Plus there are a few more US cities involved.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

General rant...

Where is the year going? It is already just about April...

Someone told me once when writing in a blog or emails home when travelling make sure you don't ALWAYS write when you are feeling down. It only shows one side of you. Make sure you write about the good times as well. It is honestly hard to do this, but I really need to make the effort.

I recently had the opportunity of a job interview which would have been this morning. I turned it down. It was a wonderful and challenging job. However my current position was officially made permanent last week. So I had to choose between challenging, interesting and new skills or benefits, stability and "practicality".

I chose the latter. Hmmmm... Did I make the correct decision? Who knows!

I keep a little Nia postcard on my partition wall at work. It is the red one with Debbie and "Mind Body Spirit" written on the bottom. I really haven't been giving my attention to my "mind, body or spirit" lately.

My body especially...

Over the past few weeks I have put on weight, I started biting my nails again and I feel more than a little sluggish. When you don't exercise it is a terrible rut. You feel crap so you don't feel like exercising. You feel even more crap for not exercising and the downward spiral continues.

I know my job take a large chunk of responsibility - or at least provides a wonderful excuse! Longer hours of sitting perfectly sedentary typing away on a computer is definitely not good for the "mind, body or spirit"!

My job is a policy position - so basically responding to industry while meeting government needs and strategic direction. It is a little draining at times - the general government "bureaucracy" of it all. It really can take ages to get anything done.

However there are upsides to everything - if you don't make the effort to seek them out and idenitify the positives life will honestly get to you. The positives include:

  • the relationship building with industry members
  • when changes actually occur and your suggestions are taken on board
  • working in a relatively young unit who all enjoy their work (well... most of the time!)
  • its really, really hard to fire a permanent employee in the government
  • there will be opportunities come about to move into different roles for short times in different work groups

So... I start officially as a permanent next Monday. I head back to the gym at lunch time today. The positive changes start right now! I stopped biting my nails on my right hand about a week ago.

Small baby steps and you'll get there eventually...

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Kids Rock...

I love this - I'd buy it!

My personal favourite is the GnR McDonalds advert - Welcome... Welcome to McDonalds... Would you like a happy m-m-m-m meal meal?

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Monday, March 17, 2008

New Business!

Its all happening around here at the moment.

Just completed the paperwork to register my business - "Barefoot Sensations". I can now start my journey spreading the joy of movement.

Still got lots to get organised apart from this but baby steps and we'll get there eventually.

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New permanent job!

Let's track back... My job with FarmBis finished up over Christmas when I was offered a temporary contract up to June with a policy unit in the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries. It is a policy job so it can get pretty frustrating some days. So I took the temp position and thought - it will give me 6 months to work out if I enjoy it or not.

Last week I got offered an interview in a vocational college to do the project management of a state wide roll out of new the programing. A good job - difficult, but interesting. The best thing is that one of my friends would be my boss. This position would be a 12 month temporary contract.

A few days after being offered my interview I told my boss and he mentioned that he was in the middle of pulling together paperwork to get my temp job converted into a permanent one.

So decision time folks...

Do I take the permanent job which gives me access to maternity leave, leave without pay and many other benefits or take the job that is more interesting?

Both pay the same. Both have their share of pros and cons - the list is underway.

I am leaning toward the practical option of benefits and long term outlook at the moment. It has potential to be a really interesting job...

Hmmmmm... Which path to take???

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Neighbour Day 2008.

On the last Sunday of march each year it is Neighbour Day. Neighbour Day is about developing better relationships with people next door and across the street to create stronger, more healthier and vibrant communities.

It was founded in 2003 after the discovery of an Australian woman who died alone in her home and was not found for two years. Neighbour Day is now a global event.

The aim is to encourage us all to develop a greater sense of community caring, looking after the vulnerable and isolated – especially those who live alone. Whether you live in the city, in a town or on a farm anyone can participate.

What can I do to participate in this event?

Participating in Neighbour Day is easy. You don’t make a donation, you don’t wear a ribbon and you don’t buy a badge. You don’t even have to register or volunteer or set up a committee.

All you need to do is:
  • Say G'day to your neighbours.
  • Make a special effort to introduce yourself to older residents in your street and anyone who lives alone.
  • Leave your mobile and home telephone number for use in an emergency.
  • Agree to keep in contact.

For more information and resources, please visit

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hot Chocolate.

Just made the recipe below - OMG! It is completely amazing! Make it!

Incredibly indulgent and so very, very yummy!

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Thick hot chocolate

Have you ever tried thick Italian hot chocolate before? If not track it down. Amazing experience let me assure you. I was trying to track down a supplier of Fraus Hot Chocolate and found this recipe for "do it yourself". I'm going to give it a go tonight.

Spanish/Italian Thick Hot Chocolate

Ingredients (per small cup serve)
9g cocoa
34g sugar
5g cornflour
20mL water
170mL milk

1. Mix sugar and cocoa together

2. Dissolve the cornflour in the water by stirring, then mix it with the sugar/cocoa to form a disgustingly good looking brown goo.

3. Heat the goo in a saucepan over a low-medium heat, always stirring with a whisk. Slowly add the milk to the mixture, and keep stirring.

4. Bring the mix to a simmer and keep stirring, but slow it down a bit so you're only stirring occasionally.

5. Once it's a thick, glossy molten liquid you're ready! It'll look like a thick chocolate pudding that's not quite set.

6. Pour it into cups, grab a spoon and dig in.

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