Monday, March 17, 2008

New permanent job!

Let's track back... My job with FarmBis finished up over Christmas when I was offered a temporary contract up to June with a policy unit in the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries. It is a policy job so it can get pretty frustrating some days. So I took the temp position and thought - it will give me 6 months to work out if I enjoy it or not.

Last week I got offered an interview in a vocational college to do the project management of a state wide roll out of new the programing. A good job - difficult, but interesting. The best thing is that one of my friends would be my boss. This position would be a 12 month temporary contract.

A few days after being offered my interview I told my boss and he mentioned that he was in the middle of pulling together paperwork to get my temp job converted into a permanent one.

So decision time folks...

Do I take the permanent job which gives me access to maternity leave, leave without pay and many other benefits or take the job that is more interesting?

Both pay the same. Both have their share of pros and cons - the list is underway.

I am leaning toward the practical option of benefits and long term outlook at the moment. It has potential to be a really interesting job...

Hmmmmm... Which path to take???

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