Wednesday, March 26, 2008

General rant...

Where is the year going? It is already just about April...

Someone told me once when writing in a blog or emails home when travelling make sure you don't ALWAYS write when you are feeling down. It only shows one side of you. Make sure you write about the good times as well. It is honestly hard to do this, but I really need to make the effort.

I recently had the opportunity of a job interview which would have been this morning. I turned it down. It was a wonderful and challenging job. However my current position was officially made permanent last week. So I had to choose between challenging, interesting and new skills or benefits, stability and "practicality".

I chose the latter. Hmmmm... Did I make the correct decision? Who knows!

I keep a little Nia postcard on my partition wall at work. It is the red one with Debbie and "Mind Body Spirit" written on the bottom. I really haven't been giving my attention to my "mind, body or spirit" lately.

My body especially...

Over the past few weeks I have put on weight, I started biting my nails again and I feel more than a little sluggish. When you don't exercise it is a terrible rut. You feel crap so you don't feel like exercising. You feel even more crap for not exercising and the downward spiral continues.

I know my job take a large chunk of responsibility - or at least provides a wonderful excuse! Longer hours of sitting perfectly sedentary typing away on a computer is definitely not good for the "mind, body or spirit"!

My job is a policy position - so basically responding to industry while meeting government needs and strategic direction. It is a little draining at times - the general government "bureaucracy" of it all. It really can take ages to get anything done.

However there are upsides to everything - if you don't make the effort to seek them out and idenitify the positives life will honestly get to you. The positives include:

  • the relationship building with industry members
  • when changes actually occur and your suggestions are taken on board
  • working in a relatively young unit who all enjoy their work (well... most of the time!)
  • its really, really hard to fire a permanent employee in the government
  • there will be opportunities come about to move into different roles for short times in different work groups

So... I start officially as a permanent next Monday. I head back to the gym at lunch time today. The positive changes start right now! I stopped biting my nails on my right hand about a week ago.

Small baby steps and you'll get there eventually...

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Michelle Auer said...

I suffer from the winter blues almost every year, especially here in rainy Seattle. Something that I have found helpful to keep positive is something I heard in passing some time ago. When you wake up in the morning, no matter what is going on in your life, just pick ONE random word, number or object. Then for the rest of that day, when that word number or object comes up it is like a beacon in the dark. A little positive wink from the world. That is kind of what the number 23 has become for my hubby, he always gets happy when he spots it. It seems if you have something like that, it really does pop up a lot more when things are hard. It a nice extra little boost that says you are on the right track. I know it sounds hokey, but it really works for me.