Monday, March 17, 2008

New Business!

Its all happening around here at the moment.

Just completed the paperwork to register my business - "Barefoot Sensations". I can now start my journey spreading the joy of movement.

Still got lots to get organised apart from this but baby steps and we'll get there eventually.


Anonymous said...

holy crap! This is big news (along with every flipping other thing going on in your life)! Congratulations, good luck with the job decision, and know that somewhere in the heart of the evil empire, you are loved. -Erik and the family

Kratzy said...

Yuh huh... Big and somewhat scary news! But a step in the right direction. Worked out with registration fees, insurances, web site etc etc etc I need to teach 20 classes a year just to break even. This is what I am currently doing so it is all good at the moment.

At the moment I think I will make about $300 profit a year. But there is the added bonuses of not having to pay gym membership, spreading joy of movement and generally improviing my own personal well being.

Big deep breaths and let's get to it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new Nia
business! Sharing the "Through
Movement we find Health" is a
great gift for you to share with

Where will you be teaching-
a gym, dance studio, or college?

Please keep us posted on this
Nia adventure.

Best wishes,