Monday, September 11, 2006

Entry 6 – Count down

Date: 6 September 2006.

1. Who and what do you love? Include everything from people and place to objects, songs, and movies.

The people who I love know how I feel about them. To list each and every one of you would take too long and you know who you are. As far as items and "things" I love…

- Clean sheets and a freshly made bed.
- That 5 mins “snuggle time” before I get out of bed each morning.
- Watching all the children in my life – all the nieces, nephews and friends - growing up into little people.
- Cooking favourite dishes for people I love.
- I’ve recently re-discovered a love for reading.
- Walking or sitting on a beach in winter and watching the waves on a deserted beach.

2. What does heaven look like? What happens after you die? Paint a word picture of what you truly believe.

I’m not too sure I believe in heaven. I would honestly love to think that it is a place that is peaceful and dream like. A place where you can eat what you want and the people you love are there. But in all truthfulness I think that death is like going to sleep, everything goes black and it’s all over folks – you have no real concept of dying, just drifting into darkness.

3. Today I…

- Got up early and went for a run/walk around Bundberg – I got lost coming home… No real surprise there – I have no sense of direction whatsoever! A dog came running out of a yard and started nipping my heels. And you wonder why I am scared of dogs???
- Tried to find the gravestone of an old friend in the Bundaberg cemetery. I tried to remember the location of her grave from the funeral 10 years ago. I wasn’t successful. I did however find the baby section of the cemetery made up of all the babies who died within a year of their birth. It was probably the most gut wrenching thing I have ever seen.
- Did an awesome presentation 4 hour presentation to 20 people – my highest attendance to date at one of my training needs forums. Very happy indeed!
- Travelled from Bundaberg to Rockhampton (3.5 hour trip). During this trip I found out that one of my co-workers is completely homophobic and berated me for a while about her beliefs around sexuality – I got very, very angry at her narrow mindedness but bit my tongue.
- Ate dinner with a different co-worker (also in the car this afternoon) who informed me her daughter is a lesbian who she is very proud of in every way possible…

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