Monday, August 28, 2006

Entry 3 – Soft Eyes

Date: 27 August 2006

1. What would you do if you had more free time?

I would probably read more and cook more. I love baking so I would cook up a cookie and muffin storm. I would also love to get my white belt in NIA so that would be cool to do if I had more spare time. If I had spare time I would also love to so some post graduate study in adult education or project management. Spending time just walking with my camera capturing life’s comings and goings would be great as well.

2. What important activities, chores, trips, or creations have you been putting on hold? Do you think you'll ever get around to doing these things? Score 1 (not likely to happen) to 10 (likely to happen)

· Getting a vegetable patch started (7).
· Painting the interior doors of my house (10 – but when I have no idea!).
· Establishing a photo wall in our living room (5).
· Getting my shite organised and moved out of storage (3 – no time soon at least!).

3. List the wild or forbidden activities that call to you - from swimming naked to jumping out of airplanes, to eating all the chocolate you crave...

I am a total scaredy cat when it comes to “adventure” – most things like caving or scuba diving make me want to vomit. The things that rate on my “want to do list” are:
· Travel to Tibet and Southern China.
· Having a child.
· Sea kayaking.
· Sailing – if only I didn’t get sea sick!
· Making myself sick on good Khmer desserts.

4. Today I…

· Slept in late,
· Baked an apple tea cake using my Dad’s recipe
· Read a pile of back issues of Believer magazine
· Read my cook books from cover to cover to be inspired to cook something awesome for dinner but ended up with boring old roast chicken and vegetables
· Had a long afternoon nap on the couch

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