Friday, August 25, 2006

And so the journal challenge begins...

So someone I know is doing this exercise where over 40 journal entries you have to address a different aspect of your life. Each day is given a title allocated by the challenge guidelines... Today is the "starting point".

Starting point
Date: 25 August 2006

1. Set a goal. Decide what you would like to see change or improve in your life in the next 40 days. Write it down and then let it go.

I want to start a vegetable patch. No opportune timing given the incredibly severe drought we are currently experiencing, but I will start small and see where it takes me. I want to have a patch of dirt or a space I can get out into now the sun is shining and the days are warm. The first day of spring is only 5 days away so I feel it is a perfect time to put down some roots so to speak.

2. Write a list of your fears and anxieties (worst case scenarios) that might come up over the next 40 days. Include all obstacles you anticipate that might bring you down or stand in your way.

Over the next 40 days my current position is being reviewed and I have a feeling they (the powers that rule my working life – my horrible board members!) are going to change the focus of my job. I have a new co-worker starting next week, a week long trip to central Queensland and a trip to western Queensland to plan. So much going on and the last thing I need is a board member changing my path or hindering the ground work I have spent so much time putting in place over the past 12 months.

3. List positive inklings (good feelings) you have about what you are doing.

I love working with rural industries and I love travelling all over the state. My job is my dream job – I love it about 80% of the time and like it about 15% of the time and wish I was somewhere else entirely about 5% of the time. I think I am happy with those stats!

Over the next 40 days I also have to look forward to - my one year anniversary with Mark, the return of one of Mark’s best friends to Brisbane after many years living overseas and I have a very special little girl's 8th birthday party sleep over to attend.

4. Today I ...

Travelled from Stanthorpe (about 300km south west of Brisbane) to Brisbane after 2 days industry consultation. Dianne and I had loooonnng girlie chats the entire way about careers, family and finding a balance. It was awesome. She made me inspired to get into my vegetable patch that I have been planning for ages. We also had a long discussion about friendships – those that are fleeting and those that endure through the years.

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