Friday, December 22, 2006

Its a most wonderful time of the year...

I wrote a Christmas wish list a month or so ago and it was made up of everything from boks, CDs, clothes - normal bunch of random things I really don't need.

Then right at the bottom I put a request that I have wished for for many years... A raised - no dig - vegetable garden. I put it on there almost as a joke as I never expected - in my wildest dreams - that I would get one. But what do you know?

Last night I came home from work and Santa had delivered not only a load of timber sleepers, but fertilizer and instructions on constructing a raised vegetable garden. His elf helper - in the form of Mark - was already busy in the pre-construction preparation phase!

I haven't stopped smiling since. Come 3 months time I will be hopefully harvesting my first selection of fresh produce!

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