Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Entry 7 – Listen to your heart

1. How does your intuition speak to you? List some hunches you've followed. What happened?

I get gut feelings. Sometimes I follow them, sometimes I don’t. In the past few years I have followed them and it has been for the best in most of the cases. Overall my gut is pretty on the mark. Most of my hunches are related to people's true personalities and people's true characters. I get gut feelings about people - occasionally they are wrong but most of the time I see people for who they really are regardless.

2. List the times you chose not to trust your instincts. Why didn't you? What happened?

I have made numerous decisions in my life that - given hindsight - I really should have done a lot differently. I didn't follow my instincts in these cases because I didn't have any faith in my decisions, my esteem was pretty low and my confidence to trust myself was pretty crap. I have always been a pretty confident person, but there is a big difference in being confident and having confidence in yourself. Its amazing who you can fool into thinking that you are an overly confident person when inside you don't have a drop of faith in yourself.

What happended? Life continued on, life passed me by, opportunities were missed and I got to the point I am today. Everything happens for a reason, to take you onto a new path and to show you new opportunities. Just because you missed one opportunity doe snot mean another isn't inside the next room.

3. Today I…

Since it is still bright and early I haven't done too much. I jumped out of bed at 5:45am, did a load of washing, had breakfast, watched some morning news on the TV, got the train to the city, did a weights class at the gym, did half a boxing class at the gym and then made my way to work for 8:45am. The day is laid out in front of me with only a massage at lunch time booked in.

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