Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pre-marriage counselling for cohabiting couples.

So... we started "pre-marriage preparation for cohabiting couples" last night by answering a 160 odd question quiz that is supposed to give insight into the potential problems we will be likely to encounter as a married couple. Now I'm not 100% certain what I actually expected but let's just say I wasn't expecting questions like "I am happy with the level of sexual experimentation in my relationship" from a Uniting church questionairre! There were some real doozies!

The question that made both of us laugh out loud when we got to it was - and those who know Mark and I well will understand why - "I believe my partner is too stubborn". I think I know both of our responses on that question! Hmmmm... if there are two more stubborn people on the planet I would like to meet them.

Another question that made me giggle - "In an argument I am the first person to back down" or "I tend to agree for the sake of ending an argument". Not in our house baby - no argument is settled until one of us gets onto google or wikkipedia to find an impartial answer. How did couples settle arguments in the past without google? Important arguments like "who did the voice for XYZ character in Simpsons?". Then the winner is entitled to do the "I told you so" dance around the house. I didn't see any questions in the Uniting Church quiz about "I told you so" dances.

We now wait for 2 weeks before we get to sit down with Heather, the minister who is going to marry us, and work through the results of the quiz. Should be interesting...

Dress update: Final design is settled - it is "same same but different" to the post the other day. A sort of combination of about 3 or 4 dresses I tried on last weekend. Appointment with the dress maker on 21 Jan. Yay! The dressmaker did a few of the dresses for the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral.

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MJAPA said...

I love the dress in the link, can't wait to see the new one!