Monday, February 19, 2007

Jon Auer @ The Troubadour

One word... WOW!

It was completely amazing to see someone sing the songs that made up the soundtrack of many moments in your life including my final year of high school and most of the time I lived in Cambodia. Each occasion was via a different band and to have one person up there playing the music from the two bands that had a huge impact on me was mind blowing.

I got to hear a few of my fav Posie tracks that made my Year Twelve so much better. Bigstar blew my mind in 2004 when I was discovering a new side to me. While it was only one Bigstar song it was indeed a goodie - Thirteen. It was also great to hear the new solo album songs - yep that is one heck of a perky album huh?

One gig that has made it into my Top Ten of all time.

PS: Michelle - asked Jon to pass onto you a big hello from me! I guess he gets a lot of girls coming up to him going - "Hi Jon - can you say hi to your wife for me?" :o)

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MJAPA said...

Hey back at you! I don't know how I missed this post before? Strange thing this internet...

Hope all is well!