Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sometimes you just want to say enough already!

Life gets too hectic at times. You feel as though you have 10 balls all in the air. Little by little one ball gets dropped, then another and it all starts to fall apart.

I have a terrible habit of "Let me just do it myself, at least I know it is done to my standards then". I don't delegate well. I don't communicate well. It is my lot and it is who I am.

The first ball to fall recently is my housekeeping, then came socialising, then my diet, followed closely by exercising and then my general ability to get up in the morning. All the important things keep happening, but the little things start to fall off. Unfortunately it is these little things that make my life fun and worth living.

So tomorrow I have a day off work to try my hardest to get everything back on track again. I aim to clean the house, do some weights and get in some shopping I have been meaning to do for a while - like groceries! Fingers crossed everything will be back on track soon.

On the upside my eggplants and watermelons are growing like crazy. Everything else is being devoured by baby grasshoppers. Note to self - add "make a chilli spray" to list of things to do.

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Ben & Becca said...

We hear you Steph!!

Ben and I are all too familiar with being in this kind of a place and we have Ming to clean up after us!!

This week though, we arrived back from Australia and I headed straight into work from the airport and it wasn't long till I realised that the holiday was well and truly over. I consoled myself with the idea that the weekend wasn't far away but now I see that the "weekend" will be spent working on more work. Bugger.

Glad to hear you have rain...hope the veggie garden prospers in it. BTW, I'd take your extra veggies if you brought them into work.

Much love from us...