Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Vegetable garden update.

I need to take a photo, but haven't had a clear, sun-shiny day since planting - which is a great thing! We needed the rain!

It rained on Saturday night so I got up bright and early on Sunday to plant while the moisture levels were up a bit. I spent the morning planting out my 4 square-metres of vegetable garden. We now have growing some lettuce, celery, capsicum, a green chilli bush, tomatos, eggplant and watermelon. I think we have lost the watermelon as the bed they are in has extremely high nitrogen levels due to a blood and bone mishap while preparing the soil.

Then it rained on Sunday evening and has been pretty much constantly rainy since! After a long, long while without good rain it was certainly welcomed. I couldn't have planned it better if I was a fortune teller.

The right hand bed had - accidently - 20kg of blood and bone fertilizer placed into the soil mix. Which is about ohhh.... 100 times the level of blood and bone we were meant to add - 200g. Needless to say nothing is going to grow in there anytime soon as the nitrogen levels through the roof. We are planning - as soon as the rain ceases - to dig it all up and start again. At least everything we dig up will make a very rich top dressing when the beds need a little pick me up.

On the up side... The left bed is looking really good. It is basically a layer of mulch, then newspapers, a layer of soils/sand/manure mix, a layer of newspapers and then another layer, about 100mm (roughly 4 inches), of mulch on top to prevent moisture loss and weed growth.

As soon as I fix the right bed we will be planting a different type of tomato, beans or snow peas, garlic, chives, parsley, spring onions and a few other bits and pieces.

I will take some photos soon - as soon as the sun is shiny - to share with you my horticultural joy.

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