Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Job offers.

First - a little background to this story. About 3 months ago I got a phone call from a recruitment agency asking me to apply for a position in Canberra. It is a dream sort of job for me and it offers a HUGE salary increase. The sort of salary increase I would never achieve in my currrent organisation. Everything about it is exciting - apart from the location which is crap!! That... and I am getting married in 4 weeks and would spend the first year of my married life living in another state from my husband.

I applied for the job thinking there is not a hope in Haiti that I will get an interview. I apply for a bit of a lark. Wonders never cease - a week before Christmas they fly me down to Canberra for an interview. Again... I head down for a "bit of a lark"thinking there is no hope of getting the job.

Today I get a phone call offering me "a position". Not the position I applied for however - I was quite correct in my assumption that I am not even remotely qualified for it. But it is a really good offer all the same. They didn't appoint anyone to the Senior role I applied for. Instead they restuctured internally and promoted from within. Then swapped around portfolios and created a suite of portfolios that matches my skills and passions. We are talking project managment in the areas of rural women's issues, leadership, rural vocational training, farm safety and regional mental health programs - perfect for what I love... This is the sort of job that would be amazing - travel, interesting work and great salary.

Mark had 12 months left on his uni degree so there is no chance we would be able to both live in Canberra. We want to start a family and I currently have a permanent position - so that means materinity leave benefits etc. Such a big grown up decision...

I am quite conflicted and it is soooo tempting... However I think I am going to have to turn them down. This is such a hard thing to turn down - the first time my personal life has really taken a front seat to a professional advancement. Wow... It is really blowing my mind.

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