Friday, January 30, 2009

Bring on the holidays!

In the process of wrapping up work for the month...

I have actually never taken a month off work on "official rec leave". I think in 2001 when I went to Canada I can close to a month off - think it was about 3 weeks or so. Then in 2004-2005 I took 3 weeks off when Mark came to visit in Cambodia.

As of mid-afternoon today I am a free woman for a whole 4 weeks... Bliss! Scary, but I am slightly more excited about this prospect than my wedding the following weekend...

Bring on Malaysia and Borneo!

One of my Cambodian girlfriends will be arriving on Tuesday and I am over the moon about this. I havent't seen Theary since leaving Cambodia and am so excited about this prospect. I received an email from her yesterday saying how excited she is and that there is a high likelihood of tears at the airport. I assured her that the tears would be freely flowing on both sides!

The list is being checked and double checked but it looks like we are all set to go. Only one week to go now and I get to become Mrs Denman - sounds kinda strange!

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Phossdey said...

I'm glad to hear another Cambodian lady is coming! Well, thanks for the tip how to get all those ingredient. Will sure check it out next time! ^_^

Anyway, are you getting married? Congratulation!