Monday, October 20, 2008

Khmer vehicle news...

Thanks to The Phnom Pen for this article...

One Sweet Ride - like to show off much? Yikes!

Now as I was leaving Cambodge the flashest car I can recall would have been a Lexus... Maybe Cambodians should take a leaf out of their own book and look to this locally made vehicle.

Local carmaker updating Angkor for speed, with extras. I love the photo! I think the description is hilarious - can anyone find the 3rd and 4th seats in this photo? True to Khmer spirit is has massage seats!

Each of the Angkor II's four seats was fitted with massage vibration devices, and the roof folded down at the push of a button. Its other premium features included air conditioning, CD sound system and electric-assisted side mirrors (with flashing turn indicators), retracting aerial and screen washers. Nhean Phalet even added a television and camera to allow the driver to see the rear of the car.

I wonder if they will export? Maybe we should alert Top Gear Australia?

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