Friday, October 17, 2008

Ahhh... That's Cambodia for you...

Some days I need something to put me back "in touch" with Cambodia. I simply turn to the Phnom Penh Post's Police Blogger... While sometimes it reminds me of the darker, awful side of Cambodia occassionally there are a few gems that make me remember the head shaking moments of disbelief that come from living in Cambodia. Highlights from this week's selections.


Khem Savoeun, 25, was arrested for attacking his two friends with a knife following a drunken dispute in Taley village, Dangkor commune and district at 2:30pm Saturday. The police said that Khem Savoeun injured Un Leng, 28, and Yoeun Bun Thoeun, 27, following an argument about who had won an arm-wrestling match. Khem Savoeun has now been sent to court.

A group of seven men were arrested by police for stealing a cow from Son Pen in Damnak Popoul village, Kampong Chhnang commune and district at 3:30am on Saturday. The police said the men stole and killed the cow because they wanted the beef to complement the alcohol they were drinking at a party. They were apprehended by the police while trying to take the uneaten portion of the cow to sell at the local market.

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