Thursday, October 02, 2008

Mind and Spirit please take note... The Body is talking now.

Wow... I had somehow wiped from my memory the exhaustion that is Nia Belt Intensives - sort of how people tell me that they wipe away the pain of childbirth soon after! This time I am merely auditing... It is a great opportunity to renew, reenergise and explore my love for my Nia community I have around me - the people, the moves and the joy that it brings with it.

However... my poor little body is talking loud and clear - slow down please!

My thoracic spine is speaking to me... you need to sit correctly at this silly computer and keep me in alignment. You need to pay some attention to me and not take me for granted.

My right knee is speaking to me... you have not been kind to me and now I am yelling at you.

My core is speaking to me... you have not rested enough and now your chesty cough is telling you to rest more. Open up and breathe.


My mind and spirit are speaking to me... we love to do Nia and we want to more, more, more. We want to releve! We want to cross front cha cha cha! We want to spiral, to explore and to shake your booty.

Sorry mind and spirit but the rest of the body has spoken and voted. It will be an evening of Level 1 intensity and simply enjoying "being in the space" rather than exploration of boundaries and intensities.

My past few weeks have been choatic to say the least. Next weekend I have a friend arriving in town to stay for the weekend and from then I have no weekend plans for a month. That gives me a month of resting, relaxing and enjoying life. Taking time to plant new seedlings and enjoy the spring.

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