Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nia class.

Last night I taught a Girls Night Out class for my Nia class. It was rather amusing... I haven't taught it from start to finish before - I generally pick out a few songs and mix it up with another routines of Carlos'. That's the problem when you are starting out and only have a few routines - keeping it fresh and exciting! Luckily I share teach my class with another White Belt (alternating weeks) and we focus on different routines. By alternating weeks with another teacher it keeps things fresh and interesting for the students while I am builing up my routine database. It also makes it heaps easier to fit in with a full time workload on top!

So last night out of the 8 or so songs we danced I had never actually taught about half of them. Luckily for me the class numbers were down - thanks to cold and dark winter evenings! - so there were only a few students to witness "Steph's Night Out".

I was certainly "in my head" throughout the class, but we had a great time with added leaps, impromptu clock steps when I couldn't recall the next move and this strange hybrid move that I think was generated from a scoop but got confused along the way. Will have to review my DVD and see just how far off track I got in parts...

I laughed when the Hip Hop / Urban Dance class came into the room after our Nia class and proceeded to mop the floors with towels. Apparently we tend to sweat quite a lot and the floors are a little slippery. To all the people who look at Nia and say "that doesn't look like a workout" let me assure you... it is!

But hey... Last night despite all of the hick ups we kept our bodies moving, we laughed, we sweated, we grooved and had a great time. To me... that's the key to Nia.

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