Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vanilla bean cupcakes.

You asked for it...

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes
also known locally as “these cupcakes are amazing!”

What makes a great cupcake?

250g softened butter
1¼ cups caster sugar (superfine)
1 tsp vanilla bean paste
4 eggs
2¼ cups plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 cup milk

How do I get them all golden and not gooey?

Preheat your oven to 160 degrees (Celsius)
Cream butter, sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy
Gradually add eggs one at a time
Sift flour and baking powder.
Beat until combined
Fold through the milk
Divide between cupcake tins
Bake for 15-20 mins or until cooked (soft and bouncy but not hard)

My favourite icing of the moment…

Dark Chocolate Sour Cream

200g dark chocolate chopped up
1/3 cup sour cream

Combine chocolate and sour cream in a small saucepan
Heat over low heat – don’t be tempted to speed things up with heat as you will burn the chocolate.
Whisk until combined and everything is smooth.
Remove from heat and let cool a little.
Swirl over your cupcakes…

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MJAPA said...

OMG these look amazing!!
(I need to link you because I forget this one is here. Will do that now.)