Tuesday, September 18, 2007


So I thought I had better give everyone an update as to where I have been for little while…

Work is giving me the irrits at the moment as it is becoming routine, boring and not in the least bit challenging. Time for a change me thinks. So I have been applying for a few jobs and have an interview for one on Friday. If I get it this one will be a bit of a different move for me. It is a Program Coordinator role in the Department of Education, Training and Arts (DETA) looking at skills formation strategies and community consultation. So think participatory community appraisals on a grand scale and you will have it just about there.

The funny part is that I currently work with my sister in the Dept of Primary Industries (DPI). She works for DETA but her project is located within DPI so she is housed in my work unit. Should I get the job at DETA I will be working for her work unit so we will still be working together! Got it? Confused? Don’t worry everyone else in the department gets us confused anyway – ever worked with two sisters in the one work unit?

My boss is really encouraging – her comment this afternoon of “look after yourself because the DPI certainly won’t” was certainly very supportive. Huh? Oh well… fingers crossed one of these jobs comes through for me soon.

Although I will admit I will miss some of the conferences I go to as part of this job. Who can complain about a conference in the Bunya Mountains where – should you tire of the business sessions – there were 10 massage and beauty therapists brought in for free massages and facials. I did partake of an hour massage when all the talk got a little bit too much to handle. That conference was hilarious – beading, hat making and tai chi workshops every afternoon to chill out.

Overall life is passing me by in a real flurry of activity. A few things have had to give recently including Nia. I simply cannot put 100% of myself into everything and this is one thing that I cannot commit myself to. Zonta has been a real learning journey recently – being the President has made me reassess how I manage people and take a step back. I have actually had to let other people do work while I sit back and watch. For those who know my control freak tendencies you know how hard this has been for me!

I have a recent beautiful arrival of a new niece – Holly Marie Cox. She was an eager beaver to get out and came along 6-7 weeks early. However she weighed in at a very comfortable 5 pounds 10 ounces – can you imagine how big she would have been at full term? She is completely adorable – and I am sooooo not biased in the least.

Oh before I forget – MARK THE DATE! My wedding will be held on Saturday 7 February 2009. A little earlier than planned and not all that far away. We have just about booked a venue – the Victoria Park Golf Club is the current favourite. We are looking at the Alabaster Room. We like it primarily because it has a lounge area for the kids to play and sleep in while we eat and somewhere to chill out after the meal.

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