Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Facebook rant...

So I finally succumbed to this FaceBook phenomenon and joined. I was getting strange looks whenever I asked people so what is this FaceBook thing anyway??? Then just recently in the newspaper there has been discussion about prisoners accessing FaceBook and other online social networking sites.

So I got my butt online and had a little snoop around.

It really is a strange little world. I located girls I went to school with in grade nine, but it really doesn’t tell you if they are still as nasty as they were then.

On thing that scared me a little was that most people around my age – be that people I went to school with or university – were all holding up their newest little baby in their photo. I think the song goes “time keeps on slipping”. Ahhhh… that wondrous item in most thirty-something female’s wardrobe - a biological clock.

So I have located friends I haven’t seen in a while, but am I likely to strike up that “long lost friendship” again? Frankly – don’t expect an awful lot from my FaceBook. If you mean something to me I would have already sent you an email or text every now and then to remind you of my existence. Acknowledged - I may well not be the best at communicating – heck look at how often I update my blog – but I do send out the sporadic email to those I care about.

I read a funny article recently about FaceBook recently written by a grad student at University of Kansas and I loved these quotes:

“When I was in an undergraduate, we didn’t have FaceBook. We had to talk to people in real life. It worked pretty well, but we sort of had the feeling we were missing out. It was always so annoying when I would meet a perfect stranger and they wouldn’t know my favourite movie, or even my “about me.” Can you imagine?”

“In my day you went to a party to meet new friends. Today if you are at a party and don’t put any pictures of it on FaceBook, did you go to that party? Does it even exist as far as FaceBook is concerned? No, it does not, and you are a liar.”
Something I learnt very fast - apparently a FaceBook poke is used to find a sex partner or to flirt when you have nothing better to say – this is something they need to explain to you when signing up. I thought it was an annoying game my sisters used to inflict on me as a child.

So now I have worked out what FaceBook is can anyone tell me about Bebo?

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