Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hello Adelaide

WB Grad Celebration - Steph
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What a crazy couple of weeks. I finished my Nia White Belt training last Sunday, then spent Monday doing a Nia class, sleeping and doing as little as possible. It is called an Intensive for a reason. I have never gone through training with so much emotional intensity. I was a wreck at the end of the week. Thank goodness I took Monday off work. I have posted some pics to my flickr account. Here is my graduation photo - don't you love our big cheesy grins?

Tuesday I was back at work. For about 3 hours that is... Tuesday I ended up in a half day workshop. The Wednesday I was off at 5:30am to catch a plane to Adelaide for a 3 day workshop for work. It has literally been a complete blur. So tonight I am in Glenelg for the second evening.

I went to Haigh's chocolates on the way back to the hotel. That place is lethal, but ohhhh so good!

Tomorrow night I am finally heading home for a 3 day long weekend. I get home at 10:30pm. I think this weekend will be sleep, DVDs and as little as possible. Sounds like bliss!

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