Monday, May 21, 2007


Don't know quite how I feel about this place: Kep Luxury Villa

While traveling through this area I mentioned to many people how amazing it would be to renovate some of the amazing villas laying about in poor states of repair.

The results of this renovation of a Van Molyvan villa is amazing and beautiful, but is it worth £8,720 per week? This translates to AU$20,888.25 per week for the entire villa. I admit that the villa sleeps 22 but this still works out to £400 or AU$958.18 per person!

I have to admit I find this more than a little offensive! Can you imagine the people that would be attracted to paying $20,000 per week for a villa? Great to know the roof top has a helipad so you don't have to witness the bad Cambodian roads or actually experience - even by simply viewing it from your Hummer - culture to get there.

Grumble, grumble, grumble...


Bruce said...

Well I've gotta say it *does* look pretty spiffy. May seem pricey but then you're paying for a staff of 15 to pamper you, and that cost's not able to be shared between you and others as it would at a hotel. In theory these staff would be well paid in order to secure a 5-star staff in a location like Kep. In practice we know they're likely to be getting paid half what they deserve, but that's still double what they'd be getting in a standard hotel right?

And USD$100 per person per night's not really that bad either, compared to the leading hotels in Phnom Penh - assuming you can muster up a group of 22. Conspicuously absent from the ad though is mention of inclusions like food which are probably at extortionate Kampot prices (ie $50 for a slice of toast, etc etc) rather than friendly Kep prices.

Re the road to Kep, I love the travel agent speak: "Phnom Pen Pochentong airport is a lovely scenic 2.5 hour drive from the property." [Never mind the occasional bump you may encounter... ]

BTW if you fixed up and furnished a million dollar villa or three, how much would you rent it out for per week? :) They're going to have plenty of vacant weeks first up, and as soon as others open similar joints the prices will have to come down, so [depending of course on who owns this and where the money's come from] good luck to them for trying this out...

Maybe this whole venture is to being set up to try to entice Angelina, Brad and co. down to this end of the Tonle Sap occasionally? They keep sneaking in to Siem Reap, doing good works and sneaking out again... might as well have some overpaid big names drop their money bags in Cambodia as anywhere else, thinks I.

Kratzy said...

I guess I am a little jealous of the people who can afford to pay US$789 per person for a villa. :o(

I guess it is sort of equivalent to the Peppers chain in Australia and their prices are in the vacinity of this one.

You are right in that they are targeting the "jet set" and the company own these sort of villas all over the world.

The price is really scary though unles you can get a group of 22 together to fill the place!