Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Go Between Bridge.

You just gotta laugh...

Today our wonderful city council announced that a new toll bridge will be named the "Go Between Bridge" in honour of that fine Brisbane band "The Go Betweens".

Now... I love the idea of honouring The Go Betweens - they are a truly amazing band. However... "The Go Between Bridge"... What was the city council thinking?

A couple of ideas why this could have happened:
- A bridge does indeed go between two points
- The Lord Mayor is apparently a Go Betweens fan
- The name was via popular vote and who wouldn't tick the funniest option?

It has generated quite a lot of discussion on news sites etc and it is also generating quite a few funny responses. My personal favourite was the punter who suggested, if we are naming things as musical tributes why not call it "Highway to Hell"?

And all those people who are commenting things such as "I consider myself alternative and I've never heard of them"... Ummm alternative in what universe? Or are you a Gen Y? The Go Betweens have been - and continue to be - a major player in Brisbane, Queensland and Australian alternative music scenes.

So I am currently wavering between:
- shaking my head trying to work out who in their right mind would name a bridge the "Go Between Bridge"
- celebrating the outcome and recognition for a great band
- questioning the sanity of our Lord Mayor
- loving all the hilarious comments on news blogs it is generating.

For those who are still thinking "who the heck are they?" go to www.go-betweens.net

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