Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Time keeps on ticking.

The day is coming nearer. Less than two months to go. The checklist is slowly getting ticked off. Just one more item left to go now and we are all there.

I am learning that even the most prepare of us can get quite stressed by all this fuss and bother. It is quite a strain pulling everything together.

My number one complaint to date - people who do not respond to requests for quotes. Even a simple - thanks but we don't want your business would suffice! Better that than waiting, waiting, waiting and nothing coming back.

Mark and I are truly looking forward to our holiday to Malaysia. Mark has tracked down the best local markets in KL and found out they are best on a Saturday night - our last night. So I sense we will be spending up big on our last night in Malaysia - Mark may get a replaced Polo cap to match his Vietnam "genuine". That and a copy of Twilight for Miss Isabelle at work...

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