Sunday, April 22, 2007

Today I start my NIA training.

I'm not sure if I am excited or worried about commencing my NIA White Belt trianing this afternoon. One this is clear - I am regretting the 2.5 hours I spent at the gym yesterday. Boy oh boy my thighs are killing me!

So I start my white belt this afternoon at 5:30pm... Bring on the next 7 days, 11-12 hours a day, of physical training, theory and spirituality. Not sure exactly what to expect on the spirituality side of things, but apparently it is a "personal journey". I know there will be a lot of chakra and harnassing ch'i energy type of thing. But apart from that I am really not too sure what to expect.

The description is...
Nia White Belt Training: Joyful. Transformational. It is unlike any other educational training you have ever experienced.

I did a chakra test this morning to see where I need to do more work on during this week. The results are:

Root: under-active (-6%)
Sacral: open (19%)
Navel: over-active (69%)
Heart: over-active (81%)
Throat: open (38%)
Third Eye: open (38%)
Crown: under-active (13%)

An explanation of this can be found here. I was quite surprised as these results were different from another chakra test I did a few weeks ago in a workshop. But I guess it is just that they are constnatly moving asnd changing according to what is happening within and around you. Although the root chakra result didn't surprise me one little bit!

I have to admit I have ALWAYS been very, very sceptical about ch'i and chakras, but the more I learn the more I am open to the idea. Funnily enough I was talking to a farmer a few weeks ago and I have no idea what we were talking about but he got talking to me about how he harnesses his energy when hammering or doing something that requires very specific forces. He looked at me and said that there must be something in all that ch'i energy stuff because if he concentrates his focus and directs his energy he gets the result first time. It completely blew me away that this person who I looked at and always thought of as a "typical farmer" came out with this. So it got me thinking and I have to admit that there is something in what he said.

Anyhow... got to do the grocery shopping and washing before I head off to class this afternoon.

I hope everyone is healthy and happy. Wish me luck as I take a huge step into the unknown and embark on my NIA training.

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