Sunday, January 21, 2007

Melbourne and stuff.

Work up today feeling completly blurrggh for no reason whatsoever. Not sure what is the cause, but hey... some days are better than others. Maybe it is because I have had a week off from work and I am about to head back tomorrow.

An example of good days is a recent trip to see my one of my best friends on this planet Andrew and his girlfriend Anthea. I received relationship advice a while ago (5:30am, Handspan office, Tamarind Cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam) from the last person I would ever expect to get relationship advice from who said that you should only ever grant the status of "best friend" to your current partner. While I agree that Mark is indeed my best friend, I have other best friends who fill other roles in my life.

Andrew is one of these. I miss him like crazy when he is not around so I treasure the moments we get together when he is in the same country as me.

Here is the lasting image I have of Andrew (with Anthea) from our latest catch up doing his best "goat face" impression - al-la Miss Bec.

Mr Benoy - you better keep up your blog so we know where you are and what you are up to. Your present will be in the mail soon - well... as soon as I get it. It is still lost in the US postal service enroute to Australia.

Another pic of my life at the moment - here is a pic of Max the Wonder Cat hugging his rat doll.


Erik Davis said...

A-Teh! Sorry you woke up blaarrgh. You deserve better. Tell your bed to do a better job recharging you this evening. Love from us in the US.

MJAPA said...

Max hugging his doll is the cutest thing ever!